“... they went far from Me and walked after emptiness and became empty...” Jeremiah 2:5

Especially during this busy time of year, us ladies find ourselves worn out and empty! We are wise to continually check our motives for the things we do and check to see if they line up with the Father’s heart.

During Christmastime I have gotten so stressed out because I needed to stretch our finances for lots of presents for lots of people. But perhaps a nice homemade card with some words of love would have sufficed.

I have stayed up ‘til the wee hours of the morning and then gotten up only a couple hours later because of food and house prep during the Thanksgiving-New Year season. When in reality, it would have been OK if the house wasn’t perfect and the food was less than a work of art. I mean, after all, whose idea was it that we should simultaneously have every little thing be homemade, gifts wrapped in glittering beauty, the house spotlessly clean, amazing freshly baked cookies and cocoa ready 24/7 for guest who pop in and a myriad of parties? Who thought of that?!

So this year, before you run yourself ragged, guard your steps and make sure you are walking near your Lord and in His fullness.

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