This Moment

Today I brunched with a special group of sisters in the Lord. One of the gals just gradated from high school and for her graduation present flew from back east out to our Southern California neck of the woods. She moved away a few years ago and her friends from childhood reside here. Her new life and new church friends live on the other coast. From experience, I know it’s hard to have your heart stretched across two coasts. I asked what I could pray for her as she headed back. The summed up version of her heart was a prayer I think we could all echo; a prayer to live in the moment and be grateful for what’s in front of her, instead of reaching forward or backward.

God graces us with beauty, joy and sweetness in the moment, but we often have our eyes fixed on a moment ahead or behind us. And we miss His blessings. We miss meeting Him. We miss His presence. His name is I Am, and while He was and will be, His presence is poured out in our present. 

The last few weeks have kept me away from writing. My grandma is in the hospital. It’s been weeks. Every time I visit her, my mind is stretched across the past and the future. As I grew up, Grandma was always there for me. When my parents weren’t able to be, my grandparents filled in the gaps. There is something most precious and dear about people who fill in the gaps. As a child, I always felt her love. Then my mind races forward. I don’t know how long I’ll get to look into her beautiful blue-green eyes or touch her hands... I’ve always loved her hands. And my heart rips apart over the depth of emotions in the forward and back. But all I have is this moment. This moment to love her fully. Enjoy her fully. Listen to her fully. 

The other day I needed a drive in the mountains to clear my mind. So, my husband and I went out “stalking” a bald eagle that’s taken up residence at the lake in our local mountains. The dusk turned darker and I was pretty sure our eagle was tucked in for the night. I began scrolling through the images on my camera. My husband said, “Hey! Those are the past, we’re here right now for this.” He motioned toward the quiet, silver lake and the pine tree silhouettes. “Don’t miss it.” I miss the moment too easily. 

Whether you’re setting on the edge of a loved one’s hospital bed, courting your sweetheart, flying across the country from friends to family, or sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, may God give you (us) the grace to live in the moment and receive the blessing of His presence.
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