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A one month devotional journey through the pages of Scripture detailing the instances God revealed Himself face-to-face with His people. Each time God revealed something new about Himself it impacted His followers and changed their lives. The same Lord who revealed Himself to Moses, wrestled with Jacob, called Gideon and met Hagar in the wilderness is the Author and Finisher of your faith story.    Kindle Version      (Paperback coming soon!)

Infertility or struggling to have a baby takes most of us completely by surprise. Not only does the simple fact of IF surprise us, but the whole emotional/spiritual process of figuring out what to do next can also be full of blind corners. While we wade through moments of loneliness and disappointment, our loving heavenly Father sees our struggle and His heart is reaching out to you. Come along with us on this month long journey to discover God's heart for those of us who are waiting for Him to fill our cradles! This devotional includes five days of personal study, one segment of couple's questions reflecting on the Scriptures covered in that week's devotionals and one day of Scripture prayers.    Paperback Version      ~         Kindle Version

“You will be called, ‘My Delight is in Her’... for the LORD delights in YOU! Isaiah 62:4 

Discover what it means to be the Lord’s Delight and how to live each day in the light of His love. This is a seven week Bible study designed for ladies to use individually  or as a group.

This devotional compiles wisdom from God's word that pertains to how we ought to order the small, but important steps we take during our day. Words from Scripture like feet, walk, run, stand, and path provide the basis for each day's devotional. What walk of obedience, leap of faith or stand of courage might God be calling you to?

Paperback Version     ~        Kindle Version