Waiting for God to Fill the Cradle

It's not a pretty subject. It's not a warm-fuzzy feeling. The struggle with infertility or hampered fertility is a heavy burden for couples all over the world! In the U.S. alone more than 7.3 million people sought treatment for infertility in the last year - so guess what, you are NOT alone!

And better yet, God sees YOU!

Come along with us on this month long journey to discover God's heart for those of us who are waiting for Him to fill our cradles!

This devotional includes five days of personal study, one segment of couple's questions reflecting on the Scriptures covered in that week's devotionals and one day of Scripture prayers.
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What others are saying:

Your daily devotionals have been a wonderful gift for my husband and me.  It has allowed us to talk about and see this issue in a way we had not been able to before.  THANK YOU! ~ Teresa

Thank you for writing this—we’ve been trying for 2 years, had two miscarriages, and a surgery... Your words touched me! So many just don’t talk about it, but I always know I’m not the only Christian woman struggling with this. THANK YOU! ~ Kendra

I just have to let you know that your devotionals have blessed me TREMENDOUSLY!!!!  Praise God for you and your calling to minister to women and couples.  I found your devotional while I was in tears because my husband I and I have been trying for almost a year.  It didn't seem like I could find anything based on encouragement from the WORD.  Everything was so scientific and that wasn't what I was looking for. ~ Laurie

As I read your devotional, it was like medicine (as God's Word always is)!!!  I was touched by reassuring myself that we were just going to trust God and wait on His perfect plan.  I enjoyed the reminder to praise God through the trial.  You really did a great job teaching about the body being the temple of the Holy Spirit and being fearfully and wonderfully made.  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Carrie