Walking with Jesus 101

Discover the life transformation that can happen when you say, "Yes!" to God and step into the abundant life He has for YOU.

Most of us have wished for a Cinderella moment when we could step into a new pair of shoes and in the blink of an eye have our lives transformed. Or, perhaps like Dorothy, we wish we could close our eyes, click our heels and find ourselves instantly transported away from the adventure we accidentally got dropped into. While it might not come from new shoes or heel clicking, God knows our need for a changed life and fresh start! Discover the life transformation that happens when you say "Yes" to God and step into His fullness. Walking with Jesus 101 is a collection of devotionals journeying through the Scriptures that point our feet to God's pathway for living. What walk of obedience, leap of faith or stand of endurance might God be calling you to? He has good things stored up for His children who eagerly seek His highway for living!

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What others are saying:

Very good read! Highly recommend it. If you are interested in a great devo with hard-hitting-but-brief encouragements, this is a good buy. It's a great e-book to get because these are quick-and-easy daily devotionals that set your mind on a certain topic for the day. Good for meditating on God's Word and principles. ~ E.M.

Each little devotional in this wonderful e-book is strong and to the point and very thought provoking. I have downloaded all kinds of different devotionals trying to find one with daily devotionals that really hit me each day and this has just what I was looking for. I highly recommended. It will be one I read and re-read. ~ S.M.